At UCLU & RUMS RAG, we aim to give you crazy and fun experiences to make your university years unforgettable! Every year we aspire to raise more money for our charities through our events and activities and we need YOU to help us do this. Join our society with our COMPLETELY FREE membership and we'll add you to our mailing list so that you'll be the first to know about our events and how to get involved!

How far will you go?


Jailbreak is a tradition at RAG Societies across the UK and is our most popular event. Jailbreak teams endeavour to travel as far away from UCL as possible, in 36 hours, without spending a penny! This is hitchhiking to the extreme, and in the past, teams have managed to get to New York, Marrakesh and Budapest! 


Jailbreak is a crazy experience like no other and every year we look forward to seeing how far teams travel, what adventures they have on the way, and how much money they raise in sponsorship! We are always astounded by the amazing results and we look forward to Jailbreak for the upcoming year.



Can you find your way back...?


LOST is our "reverse Jailbreak" event; teams are taken to a mysterious and secret location and have to race back to UCL using only their wits and charms! Leave behind your GPS, maps or even money; this is your chance to discover how persuasive you are and hitchhike back from where you were left stranded.


LOST is a fantastic opportunity to try out hitchhiking and see for yourself how easy and fun it is. It's a great test run for those interested in Jailbreak and takes less than 12 hours. Look out for more details in October


London to Paris Cycle  
Bike junkees put on your lycra and get ready to ride!

For the first time, RAG will be taking part in the London to Paris Cycle. Also supporting Hope for Children, you’ll be cycling 300km in 3 days! The route will take across the Channel, through sleepy villages and ending at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. There’s plenty of time to train and fundraise and a great challenge for everyone!



Three peaks challenge 
Brave the three greatest heights in the UK. 

This year we are supporting Hope for Children for the seventh year in a row, by sending a team of students to climb the UK’s three highest peaks! While not being sent quite as far away from home as other treks, you have the opportunity to climb Scafell Pike, Snowden and Ben Nevis! An endurance challenge with a lower fundraising target. Excellent for if you're not as confident with a large student fundraising commitment.




Other events


We are always looking to put on different and exciting events for the students and to fundraise for our charities. In the past we've had:


Endurance eating competition

Bake Off

Carnivale party

RAG Raids

Bucket collections

... and many more!


If you have an amazing idea for an event you'd like us to host, please contact us and we'll see what we can do!