Jailbreak FAQs


Jailbreak is one of the biggest challenges of your life... so naturally you will have a few questions! We've put together a short list of answers for the some common questions about our most popular challenge!

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is the most famous hitchhiking challenge done by RAGs all over the UK. Teams are given 36 hours to travel as far away from their 'jail' (UCL in our case), without spending a penny!

When is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak runs for 36 hours over a weekend in February 2017. We start at 8AM on Saturday and tend 8PM on Sunday. This does not include the time it may take you to return from your furthest point, and you have complete control over how long you wish to be away for!

Why should I do Jailbreak?

You could go to New York (or maybe a sunny beach destination) for free! Jailbreak really is an adventure and a challenge, and you'll have amazing stories to tell afterwards as well. On top of the chance to travel for free, we also award a few awesome teams with prizes! The categories are: furthest travelled, most fundraised, best dressed and most points on challenges. Finally, your participation in the event will contribute towards fundraising for one of our amazing charities.

How does Jailbreak help your charities?

Every participant is required to fundraise a minimum of £50 and encouraged to challenge themselves to fundraise as much as possible, with the team that fundraises the most winning a prize! 

How far have past teams travelled?

At UCL, past teams have gotten to New York, Marrakech, Budapest, Tenerife and Istanbul. We calculate distance as the crow flies so the record for furthest distance is approximately 5550 km (New York)! However, the furthest country from the UK geographically is New Zealand, a whopping 18700km away, so there's plenty of room to break our records!

What can I spend money on?

Everything but transport! You are welcome to try to blag free meals or overnight stays, but this is not a requirement, like not spending any money on transport or travel is. We highly recommend you bring cash (potentially Euros, as it will be a much better rate than if you wait until you get there) and a credit card for emergencies. In addition, any money donated to you during the 36 hours must be kept and added to your sponsorship total, rather than being used on travel or any other purposes.

What about getting back?

This is completely up to you! In the past, teams have blagged return tickets on planes/trains/buses. Some teams also choose to pay to return, or you could be savvy and plan your destination and book a ticket in advance to save money. Even if you don't make it to your destination in 36 hours, you could book your return ticket a day after to give yourself time to make it there. Please note that travel insurance will run out after the stated period of time (which will be told to you at pre-departure), so if you plan on staying a few more days, do prepare your own travel insurance. Finally, Jailbreak runs until Sunday evening, which means it is likely you won't be in London on Monday. Please plan for this!

What about safety?

RAG takes the safety of Jailbreak participants very seriously. We track all teams using an SMS system and require teams to text in every 2-4 hours on their whereabouts and safety. The RAG team will be on call for the entire 36 hours in case any problems do arise, and we'll be looking forward to tweets, texts and photos that come in! Additionally, every participant will be given worldwide travel insurance, and an information pack that has up to date advice on travel from the UK and in particular, the routes that are most recommended. Finally, every participant is given a personal attack alarm, and a list of useful numbers to call in an emergency.

Sounds awesome! How do I join?

Buy your tickets to secure a place on Jailbreak on the UCLU Shop. The ticket costs £20 per person, and will cover your travel insurance, tracking and personal attack alarm. You should also form a team, or email rag@ucl.ac.uk to let us know if you'd like to be paired. Once you have bought your tickets, we'll email you more information on how to set up an online fundraising page and set up your tracking page, as well as some general information and tips! Please check your UCL email address for this information. Finally, you MUST attend a pre-departure meeting to sign a disclaimer and receive your information packs. If you cannot make either meeting, please email rag@ucl.ac.uk and we will organise a time to meet you.

How should I prepare for Jailbreak?

Once you buy your tickets and create a fundraising page, you're well on your way to a fantastic trip! To prepare, ensure you've completed all the necessary paperwork for insurance purposes and fundraise as hard as you can to smash your goal. Think about where you'd like to go, and your strategy for the day, such as hitting up Heathrow airport or heading to the A3 towards Portsmouth Port! You could even try to contact companies to sponsor you, or provide tickets for travel. If you have a specific destination in mind, make sure you have all the visa requirements and double check that your passport is valid for travel! We highly recommend you apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as it is free and gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost or for free. Do also plan your fancy dress, as this greatly increases your chances of catching a lift, and any signs you can carry to indicate your intentions on the road. Finally, set your alarm to make sure you wake up and arrive at UCL at 7AM sharp so we can ensure your departure at 8AM!

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